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Dale posing in a home being built by Skyway Builders

Family Owned & Operated since 1987

Dale Stevenson and Don Gordon, owners of Skyway Builders, Inc are two of Flagler County’s most respected homebuilders. When it comes to creating exquisite homes, Dale and Don take their jobs personally. Their high standards are the pillar for the company’s success and have made the Skyway name a synonym for excellence.

A high commitment to quality is why there are so many beautiful Skyway homes and satisfied homeowners throughout the Palm Coast area. The continually growing presence of Skyway Builders, Inc. is a direct result of Dale and Don’s skill for building custom homes with flair and distinction.

Quality Through Experience

Active in construction since 1975, Dale & Don began their building experience in Colorado and moved to Florida in 1987 and began Skyway Builders. Like so many builders, they started their careers as subcontractors. However, their desire to learn and perfect a wide variety of trades is what set them apart from the rest. Their hands-on knowledge of complex framing, concrete work, wall coverings, painting, and the most exacting and intricate cornice and trim, provides them with a deep understanding of the custom home market. This range of expertise allows them to skillfully direct the subcontractors on the job site.

Both Dale and Don are personally involved in every critical step of building all high-end homes. Their personal presence is a valuable asset to the quality and control of the building process.

Built for You

Skyway Builders, Inc. has created breath-taking designs by listening to many points of view and working together with others who have diversified interests. Dale and Don understand this knowledge is critical in today’s market as people are finding the designs of different countries and cultures appealing, such as European, Spanish, or Asian influences. As people are traveling more and seeing architecture in other parts of the world, they want to incorporate those ideas into their own homes.

Whether design influences come from local architecture, cities on the west coast, or homes halfway around the world, the Skyway design team is helping customers make them their own. When designing a home, Skyway’s goal is to create space that doesn’t merely accommodate, but rather celebrates the lives of those who will live within.

Excellence in Custom Building & Design

Together Dale and Don have created a strong team that is dedicated to outstanding quality, workmanship, and beauty in every home they build. Their commitment to satisfying their customers is grounded in integrity, knowledge, and experience.

It would be their honor to speak with you about bringing the realization of YOUR Dream Home to fruition.

Please feel free to contact Skyway Builders at (386) 445-2012.